What To Know Before Using BarleyLife Xtra

If you're new to the world of whole-food juice concentrates, let's go over a few basics.

The Basics

BarleyLife Xtra is made from the raw, young leaves of the barley grass plant. It's harvested long before it ripens into the common cereal grain, in such a way that the juice powder retains the natural enzymes found in live plants. The only difference is the lack of fiber.

What it lacks in fiber, it makes up for in convenience and absorbability. With a juice concentrate like BarleyLife Xtra, the advantage comes from having many servings on hand, without having to be concerned about it spoiling.

BarleyLife Xtra has ninety servings and a two-year shelf life from its manufacture date. With a canister around, you'll always have plant-based nutrition at the ready.

And it only has fifteen calories per 4g serving, making BarleyLife Xtra the best size-to-calorie-to-nutrition ratio on the market. Compare one 4-gram serving of BarleyLife Xtra to nutritious kale, one serving of which is equal to 67 grams.

Plus, since BarleyLife Xtra is a juice, it's easier for your body to absorb the nutrients.

BarleyLife Xtra is simply a convenient way to get top plant-based nutrition, without the mess of juicing or the possible waste of constant produce-buying.
Why Take BarleyLife Xtra?

Many people drink BarleyLife Xtra because it makes them feel good. Others use it to supplement their nutrition, while some find it gives them more energy. Here are a few more reasons:
  • Helps maintain proper pH levels in the body 

  • Bountiful antioxidants that fight inflammation 

  • Contains essential amino acids 

  • Promotes immune system health 

  • Superoxide dismutase 

  • Rich in chlorophyll 

  • Convenient plant-based nutrition 

  • Retains natural enzymes found in wholefoods 

  • Improved energy 

  • Many, many nutrients

How to Drink It

Drink one rounded teaspoon in 6 oz. of juice twice daily for best results. You get ninety servings, so one canister of BarleyLife Xtra should ideally last forty-five days.

BarleyLife Xtra is best taken on an empty stomach, because you’re more likely to absorb all of the nutrients. 

Can you take it on a full stomach? Absolutely. 

You'd just get more bang for your buck if your stomach was empty. Thirty minutes prior to a meal or two hours after are the best times.

One thing you probably don't want to do is put BarleyLife Xtra in hot water, as it will denature the enzymes. Again, you can drink it in hot water if you must, but you’re not getting the full benefits.

You can mix BarleyLife Xtra with other wholefood juice concentrates, with fruit, almond milk, or in water. It’s all good, but no matter what you drink it with, you should drink immediately after mixing it.

Children can take BarleyLife Xtra too. It is recommended they start with 1/8 of a teaspoon and gradually increase the serving size.


When you change your diet, your body can feel fatigue, foggy or rundown. This is a normal, cleansing process known as detoxification. It’s your body flushing out toxins. It is normal and will soon pass.

BarleyLife Xtra can put you on the path to a new, healthier life.

P.S. The ingredients in BarleyLife Xtra were selected because of what research has shown they do for our body - make it feel good.

This green superfood is an excellent way for children and adults to get the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

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