"Are You Making These Two Common Mistakes That Cause Blurry Vision?"

How much time do you spend on a daily basis staring at screens?

Why is it important for you to get natural sunlight every day?

You might be making two common mistakes that cause blurry vision - but there is hope for reversing it.

What Causes Blurry Eyesight?

How close is your smartphone or laptop to your eyes? (Likely just a few inches away.)

How long have you been looking at a screen today? (For the average person, it's over nine hours.) 

Research shows too much screen time can physically change your eyes.

When you spend too much time focusing on objects that are close to you, such as smartphones, laptops or even paper books, it can make your eyeballs longer.

When you have longer eyeballs, it can cause blurry vision.

What Else Causes Blurry Eyesight?

You were born with short eyeballs. (They are round like a basketball.)

As your body begins to grow, your eyeballs also grow, getting longer. 

Eventually, your eyeballs are the right size. 

Your brain then sends a signal to your eyes to stop growing. (This signal is actually a hormone.)

However, if you spend too much time inside and don't get enough sunlight, your body is unable to create enough of this stop-growing hormone.

As a result, your eyeballs continue to get longer. (They become long like a grape.)

How Longer Eyeballs Affect Your Vision

When your eyeballs are longer, this causes light to not enter your eyes the right way. 

The result is nearsightedness. (The medical term is myopia.) 

This means objects at a distance appear blurred. 

(For example, students at the back of a room are not able to see what is written on the board at the front of the classroom.)  

This condition now affects over half of the U.S. population - which is twice as many people as fifty years ago. 

In other words, blurred vision has become an epidemic. 

"It's Just Glasses."

When you have longer eyeballs and blurred vision, you have to wear eyeglasses.

You may be thinking, "It's just glasses."

Yet, it's more than simply needing corrective lenses. It can also mean future eye problems. 

When you have longer eyeballs, you are at a higher risk for eye diseases such as glaucoma, retina detachment and cataracts.

This means you could eventually lose your ability to drive, live independently, and more.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Eyesight?

Consider removing sugar, vegetable oil, and grains from your diet. (They cause inflammation, which damages your eyes.)

Take regular breaks from looking at screens and blink to lubricate your eyes. (Every twenty minutes, look at a distance twenty feet away, for twenty seconds.)

Most importantly, spend at least one to three hours a day outside in direct sunlight. (Try not to wear sunglasses.) 

P.S. Spending too much time looking at screens and not enough time in sunlight can cause you to have blurry vision and (eventually) eye disease.

You would not sell your eyes for a million dollars, would you? 

It's important to take care of your eyesight, don't you think?

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