Chocolate is Good For Your Heart

Several studies have shown the heart-healthy effects of the antioxidants in chocolate.

One of these studies, led by Penny Kris Etherton, PhD, RD, professor of nutrition at Penn State University, found people who ate a diet rich in cocoa powder and dark chocolate had lower oxidation levels of bad LDL cholesterol, higher blood antioxidant levels and 4 percent higher levels of good HDL cholesterol.

CoCoa LeafGreens is rich in antioxidants. And good for your heart too.

P.S. Three different types of cocoa can be found in Cocoa Leaf Greens.

Cocoa has more antioxidants (cancer fighters) than blueberries, green tea or red wine. It supports bone health, benefits your heart, has a positive effect on blood pressure as well as cholesterol and more.

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