CoCoa LeafGreens - A Good Taste of Nutrition

In May 2013, AIM launched CoCoa LeafGreens for a deliciously healthy twist on greens.

Adding three types of cocoa to the unique LeafGreens blend greatly increases its already high levels of antioxidants, protecting the cells of your body from free radical damage. At the same time, the cocoa flavor appeals to those who want healthy beverages that taste great.

With nutrients from four kinds of nutrient-rich leaf juice powders and broccoli sprouts, CoCoa LeafGreens helps to maintain good health for people of all ages. Adults, teens and children are enjoying its delicious taste and beneficial, chocolaty greens with 0 grams of sugar.

Enjoy healthy living from the rich, nutritional value of CoCoa LeafGreens - tasty Nutrition That Works!

What People Are Saying

"I love it! It’s so good. Personally, it's really good with almond milk." - Zoë Soul, dancer, actress, singer

"My son has attention deficit disorder and has been struggling in his school work. Since he started taking CoCoa LeafGreens, he has calmed down. His teacher asked me, 'What are you doing differently?’ I showed his teacher the CoCoa LeafGreens." - Julieta Peñaloza, Ontario, Oregon

"This product is remarkable. Every child should have it daily… adults, too. I get cravings for sweets, including chocolate. Taking CoCoa LeafGreens has eliminated those cravings." - Lillian Andresen, Camrose, Alberta

P.S. One serving of CoCoa LeafGreens (1 rounded teaspoon) contains more iron than six cups of spinach, more sulforaphane than eight cups of raw broccoli, more beta carotene than three raw green bell peppers.

In addition, three different types of cocoa can be found in Cocoa Leaf Greens. Cocoa supports bone health, benefits your heart, has a positive effect on blood pressure as well as cholesterol and more.

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