A Sweet New Product - CoCoa LeafGreens

The new CoCoa LeafGreens is a unique combination of three cocoas, four green leaf juices and broccoli sprout powder. It's a superfood unlike anything else on the market. Best of all, the taste is CoCoa-licious!

A Daily Serving (two rounded tablespoons) of Cocoa LeafGreens contains:
  • More Iron than 12 cups of Raw Spinach 

  • More Sulforaphane than 16 cups of Raw Broccoli 

  • More Vitamin K than 14 cups of Raw Iceberg Lettuce 

  • More of the phytonutrient Kaempferol than 38 cups of Raw Asparagus 

  • More Beta Carotene than 6 Raw Green Bell Peppers
You and your kids can enjoy healthy living from the rich, nutritional value of CoCoa LeafGreens - tasty Nutrition That Works.

P.S. Three different types of cocoa can be found in Cocoa Leaf Greens. 

Cocoa supports bone health, benefits your heart, has a positive effect on blood pressure as well as cholesterol and more.

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