Two Year-Old Boy No Longer Constipated

"At two years of age, our baby boy was often sick and in the hospital. Because he couldn't eliminate his bowels very well, the doctor did a colostomy on him. His bottom looked as if it had been burned because of Candida in his body. We had to keep a very strong ointment on him.

After he started taking two teaspoons of BarleyLife Xtra and FloraFood each day, he has been able to eliminate and clean his system out. After using the AIM supplements, we have seen such a difference and he seldom gets sick. He is now 3 years old and such a different child. I think he has enough energy now to make up for all the times he was sick! He now runs and plays like other little children.

We are very thankful to have learned about the AIM nutritional supplements. They have made such a difference in our little son!" - Alvin and Fannie Miller, Frederickstown, Ohio

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