The Experts Agree on Something. Finally.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Why fruits and veggies?

Because they're a prime source of "co-factors" - the term professionals use when talking about the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to process food.

Co-factors are crucial for you to be able to absorb nutrition from food, make fuel for energy and age well.

You need to eat veggies with your meat, fish, eggs and cheese. Otherwise, you could get constipated and have bad breath.

Your body cannot break down protein well without co-factors. 

You not only could get clogged up, but may also get leaky gut, which are holes in your intestines.

These holes are made by bacteria as they gobble up the rotting protein lodged in your intestines.

A leaky gut allows foreign substances to pass into your bloodstream and land in your joints. 

Over time, this could result in inflammation and joint pain.

It can also cause your immune system to start misfiring and your skin to break out in ugly looking pimples, spots and scabs.

Sometimes, what leaks through causes toxic growths and even plaque in your arteries.

Eventually diseases may emerge, such as acne, allergies, arthritis, osteoporosis, lupus - even cancer and heart disease.

Not Having Enough Co-factors Causes Cravings

This is the cry of your body for missing nutrients.

Cravings remain until your body gets what it's looking for or becomes too tired to keep looking.

When you eat junk food like sugar, alcohol, any white grain (white bread, white rice, most pasta), or other refined foods like soybean or corn oil, your body has to scrounge for co-factors.

It steals them from your bones, organs, muscles and other tissues. It does that so it can at least try to use the junk food for fuel.

This puts off sickness and disease, but not for very long.

You may be thinking…

"But I don't like shopping for fruits and vegetables."

"I don't have time to cook veggies. They just rot in my fridge."

That’s why there's BarleyLife Xtra. 

It's a quick and easy way to get the fruits, vegetables and other nutrients you need for good health.

This nutritious green powder is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. 

It's high in antioxidants (cancer fighters), chlorophyll (healer of sick cells) and phytochemicals (plant medicines).

And because it's made from real food, there are no negative side effects and your body knows exactly what to do with the nutrients.

Six of the leading causes of disease - heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, and scarring of the liver - can be traced to unhealthy nutritional habits.

Why not see how BarleyLife Xtra works for you and your family?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is it? It's eighteen fruits and veggies in a barley grass powder.

Q: How much does it cost? It depends. Let me tell you how it comes. They have several options, depending on what you want.

The retail price of BarleyLife Xtra is $71.00.

(If you like buying in bulk, they have six canisters for $426.)

You also have the option of becoming a Member and getting it at wholesale.

You know how Costco and Sam's Club have an annual membership? And then you get things at a special member price?

This works like that.

For a one-time fee of $20, you get a membership. This allows you to get BarleyLife Xtra at the wholesale price of $54.50 and save money.

(If you're a bargain hunter, the member price for the six-canister package is $312, which comes to $52.00 per canister.)

When you buy $100 or more on your first order, the $20 application fee is waived and you get your membership for free.

(If you decide to sign-up for the monthly auto-ship, you get an additional 5 percent discount on orders of $100 or more. On orders of $300 or more, you get an additional 10 percent discount.)

The Bottom Line: A single canister of BarleyLife Xtra costs $54.50 and lasts about a month. 

Q: I already take multivitamins. Why should I start using BarleyLife Xtra? Because it's real food.

On the other hand, most multivitamins are useless and unhealthy, because they're synthetic (made in a laboratory).

In other words, your body does not absorb them.

"Your body isn't designed to take synthetic vitamins, regards them as toxins, and attempts to eliminate them as rapidly as possible. They speed up the aging process, rob your body of energy and provide expensive color to your urine."
Dr. Joel Robbins, M.D.

Why waste your money on synthetic vitamins, when they do much more harm than good?

Q: How do they make BarleyLife Xtra? They take plants like barley grass, carrots and broccoli and juice them. It's then made into a powder.

When you drink it, your body absorbs the nutrients as if you had eaten the fruits and vegetables.

Over the years, there have been many "green super food" products on the market.

They're nothing more than mulched grass. They're cheap to make, have few nutrients, but high profits.

(It’s the same as drinking yard grass clippings.)

On the other hand, over forty years has been invested into perfecting the process of making BarleyLife Xtra.

(This includes cutting, juicing, spray-drying, and vacuum-sealing the young barley plants, within minutes after they are harvested.)

This is what separates BarleyLife Xtra from the Amazon, eBay and grocery store cheapies.

Q: Is there any fiber in it?
 No. Most supplements have fiber because it's a cheap filler. You get less of the expensive ingredients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.)

On the other hand, BarleyLife Xtra does not have fillers. You get nothing but concentrated nutrition.

(It also does not have pesticides, food coloring, processed sugar, synthetic stabilizers, starch, gluten, soy, wheat, corn, binders, or filler. There are no preservatives or other toxic additives.)

Q: Does it cure disease? BarleyLife Xtra is not promoted as a product that cures disease. (The human body is the real miracle. It simply needs high-quality food to do its work. BarleyLife Xtra is a high-quality food.)

Q: Who makes BarleyLife Xtra? It's made by The AIM Companies, a forty-one year old company in Nampa, Idaho. They've been around since 1982.

(They have offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. AIM products are available in more than 30 countries around the world.)

Q: Is The AIM Companies a network marketing company? Yes, it's a no-nonsense company with a focus on health and nutrition.

There is the option to do network marketing, if someone wants to do it.

However, I focus on getting customers. I use this website to bring information about BarleyLife Xtra directly to people who want to learn more about it. The AIM Companies compensates me to do that, instead of setting up retail stores.

Anyway, I do not hype or hound anyone, in case you're worried about that.

(Fewer than 1 in a 100 people want to do any type of sales. Why annoy them and take a chance on losing a good customer?)

The Bottom Line: If buying nutritional supplements from a network marketing company makes you feel at all uncomfortable, then you should not order BarleyLife Xtra.

Q: How often do I have to order? You only order what you need. There is no monthly quota or required minimum order. (You order what you want, when you want it.)

Many folks are understandably skeptical of network marketing companies and concerned they'll have products coming to their house every month (even if they don't want them.)

An AIM membership is simply a wholesale number, like you get at Sam's Club. It allows you to order products at the wholesale price and save money.

Q: Does it come with a guarantee? It comes with an absolute satisfaction, no small print guarantee.

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion within 30 days, for a full 100 percent money-back refund. No hassles and no hard feelings.

Q: How do I place an order? You have the option of ordering online or calling 1-800-456-2462. It's extremely convenient and your order arrives within 5 to 7 days.

Here's What You Get With BarleyLife Xtra
  • 18 fruits and veggies in a barley grass powder 

  • The barley grass plant - one of the most nutritious plants on earth
  • An excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K 
  • Made from real food, not synthetic vitamins - which are risky to your health 
  • Antioxidants (cancer fighters), chlorophyll (healer of sick cells) and phytochemicals (plant medicines) 
  • Amino acids, digestive enzymes, plant proteins and more 
  • A No Hassles, No Fine Print, Money Back Guarantee

The Detriments of BarleyLife Xtra

You may be thinking, "All of this sounds good, but what are the negatives about BarleyLife Xtra?"

The following are the detriments of this green powder:

  • You cannot buy it at a retail store. If you run out and don't have a back-up, it takes 5 to 7 days to get your order. (You can do a monthly auto-ship.) 
  • You may not like the taste of it. (You can mix BarleyLife Xtra with Peak Endurance and make it taste better.) 
  • You may have trouble getting your child or spouse to even try it. (We used to put BarleyLife Xtra in juice for our picky eater son.) 
  • You may feel worse after you first start taking it. This is because your body is getting rid of toxins. You might get tired, have a rash or headache. (This can last a few days.) 
  • The kelp and Vitamin K can interfere with some medications. As long as your doctor has not forbidden you from eating salads or green vegetables, you can take BarleyLife Xtra. 
  • You may feel the cost does not fit your budget. You should not buy BarleyLife Xtra if you can't afford it. (Cheap supplements are not good and good supplements are not cheap. Quality is everything. No matter how little you pay, the most expensive supplement is one that doesn't work.) 
  • Because it's real food, BarleyLife Xtra is best absorbed on an empty stomach. It may not always be convenient to wait until you have an empty stomach. (We take it first thing in the morning. Our son drinks it during the day.) 
  • Nutritional supplements take time to rebuild your body. They're not a quick fix like drugs or surgery. (If you're extremely sick, take BarleyLife Xtra for at least three months, to notice a difference and feel confident you're doing the right thing for you and your family.)

BarleyLife Xtra is part of the path to an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Removing sugar, grains, and vegetable oils from your diet - along with eating well, exercising well, sleeping well, minimizing stress, and getting plenty of sunshine - goes a long way towards putting the odds for good health in your favor.

P.S. BarleyLife Xtra is for people who believe nutrition matters.

They know they should eat more fruits and veggies every day, but don't because they're busy, like me.

They believe they do not get everything they need for good health strictly from their diet.

Does that sound like you?

For a limited time, free shipping is available for new members. If your first product order is $100 or more and you choose the least expensive delivery method, you do not pay for shipping. 

Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™