"I still have a lot of hair, with no increase in white hair, but lots of new black hair."

"Before retiring at age seventy-four, I worked as a journalist and editor for a Chinese newspaper in the Bay Area for twenty years. I first started taking AIM’s barley product, now known as BarleyLife, over twenty years ago.

"I'm eighty-nine and feel very good."

My very good friend, David, introduced me to BarleyLife. He said to mix it well with juice or water and take it two times a day, to maintain good health.

I knew he meant well, so I promised him I would try it. Besides barley is a plant, so I thought it would be beneficial for the body.

At that time, I was working long graveyard shifts, going home in the early morning after the newspaper was printed.

By taking BarleyLife twice a day, I did not feel tired or exhausted, even though I was already over the age of seventy.

Besides drinking barley grass juice twice daily, I ate light, did not smoke or drink and never took any tonics. My health was good.

When I retired in 2002, there were a lot of life changes. I adopted a normal routine, without night shifts, and had more free time to do whatever I wanted to do, including travel. I could walk just fine and did not feel old at all.

To simplify my life, I stopped taking BarleyLife. Within six months, my black hair started turning white, which I thought was age-related.

Now I seldom saw my friend David, as he had moved. Then one day, he and his wife came for a visit and we had lunch together.

I told him I had stopped drinking BarleyLife after retirement and shortly afterward, my hair turned white. I wondered if it had something to do with not taking BarleyLife.

David said, "If that's so, you had better drink it again."

I started drinking BarleyLife again, mixed with juice, every morning and night.

Thirteen years have now passed, and I still have a lot of hair, with no increase in white hair, but lots of new black hair. Close-up, it looks like salt and pepper hair, only with more pepper than salt!

When my hair turned white, it was a visible sign of the aging process and a very good indication of other damage that may be hidden from view inside of my body, that occurred when I stopped taking BarleyLife.

I will take BarleyLife for the rest of my life. It has an amazing effect." - Wellington Cheng, Burlingame, California

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