A Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure

Vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet.

The greater the veggie variety you consume, the greater the variety of nutrients for you.

One vegetable the majority of people occasionally, rarely or never eat is beets.

For many, the flavor is an acquired taste.

The bad part about not liking beets is missing out on a nitrate-rich vegetable that is truly beneficial for good health.

Whether or not you like beets, you can supplement the nutritional benefits of beets by drinking RediBeets beet juice concentrate, with added cherry and lemon juices that enhance the beet flavor.

The 500 mg of vegetable nitrate in each bottle of RediBeets is converted to nitric oxide by your body.

Nitric oxide naturally relaxes blood vessels, making them wider and increasing blood flow.

Relaxed blood vessels are good for everyone, particularly those with high blood pressure.

In October 2016, the Journal of Human Hypertension published a study showing a decline in blood pressure and inflammation levels, in people with hypertension.

After only two weeks of eating cooked beets or drinking beet juice, the "beetroot juice had greater antihypertensive effects."

Beet juice provides a natural way to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
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