"Within a few weeks of being fed the green juice powder, the cat was more like his old self again."

"My husband, Art, signed up with AIM because of a cat. Seriously! It was a cat that brought green blessings to the Ottawa Valley.

The animal's owner was a wholesale Member who took what is now known as BarleyLife for his personal use only. Art witnessed the healthy transformation of the man's pet.

The cat was so riddled with arthritis that going to the litterbox was the only time he was mobile. Otherwise, he was just lying around, unable to jump on the sofa or bed. The cat had to be carried upstairs.

Within a few weeks of being fed the green juice powder, the cat was more like his old self again.

When Art saw the cat jumping up on the furniture again and moving all about, it really impressed him. There was no placebo, no positive suggestion and none of this "power of the mind" stuff in the cat.

It was the greens!

Art signed up with AIM under the cat's owner, not the cat, and came home one day with a 6-pack of this amazing green powder. He had seen its potential for improving health.

When we started with AIM, I was working as a nurse and experiencing a lot of pain in my wrists from arthritis. I couldn’t even mow the lawn anymore.

When I began taking BarleyLife, things changed.

During the first month, I could feel the joint pain diminishing and my energy increasing. At the same time, the headaches I usually had around my period became more frequent.

Fortunately, I learned in a nutrition class that this was one of the symptoms of detoxification.

I persevered and eventually the arthritis and headaches became a thing of the past.

Art and I started promoting the health benefits of BarleyLife. We couldn’t believe how many positive testimonials just kept on coming.

And we were both in good health and had so much more energy, even after long days at markets or health shows, where we introduced so many people to AIM. Many of them are still our best friends.

That was more than twenty-five years ago. Art passed away in July 2009. He lived such a full life.

AIM changed our lives, so thank you to the owners and staff for all the support throughout the years.

On a final note, the cat lived for twenty-two years!" - Klazina Ketting, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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