RediBeets for a Healthy Heart


One canister of RediBeets contains eighty-three beets. And a quarter-pound of beets goes into one teaspoon.

So a lot of nutrition is packed into one serving of RediBeets powder.

That's because beets contain such a rich source of nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, iron and betaine. 

Betaine helps your liver to process fats, supports cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation.

And all of the beet nutrients in RediBeets are concentrated in powder form for easy assimilation.

Make it simple for your heart, as well as your body, to thrive with RediBeets.

P.S. RediBeets is one hundred percent beet juice powder, providing the benefits of red beet juice, without the time and expense of juicing.

Beet juice benefits your immune system and increases resistance to a variety of diseases. And it's made quick and easy with RediBeets.
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