"I always knew he would be a BarleyLife baby, raised from the womb."

Ron Murray became involved with The AIM Companies back in 1986 after relatives, Roger and Florie David, introduced AIM's barley product to his family.

Ron followed suit, sharing the health benefits of AIM to many people.

"Nothing is more rewarding than being part of changing people's lives in meaningful and growthful ways."

Over the years, Ron noticed that children whose mothers took BarleyLife right from pregnancy seemed to be head and shoulders above other kids, especially in terms of mental alertness, attention span and the ability to figure things out.

Ron acknowledged his daughter, Natalie Murray, has done really well, having taken BarleyLife since she was a young girl.

"I started when I was ten years old, so I know what it does for me," Natalie acknowledged.

When Natalie became pregnant at the age of forty-one, she increased her BarleyLife intake to two to three times a day.

"There were long working days, and I wasn't eating well," Natalie explained, "so I lived on BarleyLife, the Garden Trio and ProPeas during my pregnancy."

When Jaxon came into the world, Natalie decided to try giving him just a little powder on the end of her finger. He loved it.

As he grew, Jaxon would eagerly go for the green-tipped finger. It wasn't long before he was eating BarleyLife powder on a breakfast spoon, licking it clean and then saying, "Mom, mom, mom!" Translation: "I want more!"

"Jaxon has a big, bright personality and is a very happy, chatty little boy," Natalie stated.

"He is a fast learner with a curious, adventurous spirit. At nine months he is a solid twenty-one pounds, ready to walk and currently has seven teeth. And he can do sit-ups! Since our family has taken AIM products for so long, we believe that it has given Jaxon the best start possible for a strong and healthy future."

And Jaxon's grandparents, Ron and Lendy Murray, couldn't be prouder of their little guy.

Eyes are said to be the window to the soul. A look into Jaxon's bright eyes reveals a knowing and attentive spirit.

"People remark on what a happy and bright boy he is," Natalie said. "I always knew he would be a BarleyLife baby, raised from the womb."

With that said, BarleyLife has provided healthy nutrition for three generations of the Murray family.

P.S. BarleyLife is a nutrient-dense, green powder made from young barley grass. Researchers have found barley plants to be one of the most nutritious plants on earth.

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