"Drinking the BarleyLife helped to relieve the pain."

"From a young age, I had achalasia. My esophagus muscles would not squeeze food down, so the doctors dilated my lower esophageal sphincter to keep it open and allow food to go into my stomach.

This also gave me acid reflux, especially at night when sleeping. Stomach acid that digests food would go up my esophagus. This disease also increases the risk of esophageal cancer.

In 2000, I started taking BarleyLife after finding out about it from Janet Breitkreutz. One night, I awoke in terrible pain from the acid reflux, wondering what could possibly help me.

My husband remembered Janet saying that BarleyLife was alkaline, so he gave me some in a bit of water. Drinking the BarleyLife helped to relieve the pain. I continued to take it on a regular basis.

Further proof of BarleyLife's effectiveness revealed itself when I had to go for another gastroscopy. The new gastroenterologist was surprised to see that my esophagus was pink and healthy, not full of scar tissue or diseased as she had expected from someone with long-term achalasia.

BarleyLife had helped to reduce inflammation and keep my body pH alkaline. My previous gastroenterologist had told me to keep doing what I was doing.

This personal health success made it easier to convince others that BarleyLife could help them as well.

My father was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in 2009. He was told there was no treatment other than hormone injections, as the cancer was too far gone.

I said to him, "You want to fight this, right? Not by putting up your dukes and fighting. You want to fight this by taking some supplements."

He had seen what BarleyLife had done for me, so he started his own journey to better health using BarleyLife as well as Herbal Fiberblend and AIMega.

After initially trying one or two teaspoons of BarleyLife a day, my father began taking five teaspoons, twice a day. He continues to diligently do so, never missing his supplementation.

His last bone scan showed a spot on his pelvic bone had disappeared. His oncologist had predicted my father would live for another three years. That was five years ago.

My father understands he can never stop taking the BarleyLife. I've shared stories with him about people in similar situations that stopped and now they are no longer around.

I am so grateful to both enjoy and share the benefits of BarleyLife as well as other AIM supplements." - Gayle Hafner, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

P.S. BarleyLife is a nutrient-dense, green powder made from young barley grass. For over forty years, researchers have found young barley plants to be one of the richest sources of nutrition on earth.

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