Natural Energy with Peak Endurance

The key ingredient in Peak Endurance is PEAK ATP®, a patented form of oral Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP), the energy found in every cell.

Your body contains roughly 250 grams of ATP. However, as you age, less ATP is produced. And if you exercise on a regular basis, more ATP is depleted from your cells.

ATP is required for many activities in your body, including your brain, heart, bones, skin and sensory organs, as well as pain pathways. Peak Endurance delivers an additional source of this vital energy currency, that is beneficial no matter what your age.

Research has shown 400 mg of ATP is the ideal amount to take during increased energy demands. The benefits include:
  • Improved blood flow, muscular excitability and performance 

  • Reduced muscular fatigue and pain 

  • Increased muscle mass, power and recovery 


A 2013 study showed working out and taking ATP builds twice as much muscle, than exercising without it.

For those who experience muscle loss as they age, supplementing with ATP may help to increase muscle mass.


A 2017 study showed supplementing with 400 mg of ATP significantly increased peak power output during later repeated bouts of exercise.

Translation: usually the more you exercise, the less power you have, because you get tired.

But ATP actually increased power even with repeated exercise.


Increased recovery from muscle soreness, due to physical activity, is a great ben­efit of ATP.

A 2014 study showed ATP also increases recovery after knee surgery, significantly decreasing pain, the need for pain medi­cation and the length of hospital stay.

Since ATP improves blood flow, which aids nutrient and oxygen delivery, pain is reduced.

Along with energy-rich ATP, Peak Endurance provides six B vitamins, six electrolytes and vitamin C. Reach your peak endurance with this tasty, blueberry-açai flavored energy drink.

"Peak Endurance is absolutely the best. I drink it for energy, but also for elec­trolyte balance, min­­­erals and B vitamins. It gives energy with­out highs and lows and calms the nervous system. It does not excite the adrenal glands." - René Du Toit, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Energy, vitality and strength. That's what I get from Peak Endurance. I'm just not tuckered out anymore." - Mitch Clarke, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

P.S. Studies show ATP levels decline with age. From age twenty to age seventy, ATP levels are reduced by fifty percent.

ATP reaches peak production at twenty years of age, begins to decrease at age thirty and is half the production at seventy years of age.

Do you find yourself running out of energy?

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