A Green Barley Juice Concentrate


In 2005, BarleyLife Xtra was introduced to appeal to those who appreciate a sweeter taste, particularly kids.

The benefits include:
  • Helps maintain whole body health 
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system 
  • Provides increased energy and stamina 
  • Unique and powerful antioxidants 
  • Benefits of live "active" enzymes, including SOD 
  • Benefits of complete amino acid profile 
  • Possible anti-inflammatory activity 
  • Benefits of juicing, without the inconvenience (less time and no mess) 
  • Contains: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, enzymes, phytochemicals, and chlorophyll.
Why not see how BarleyLife Xtra works for you and your family?

P.S. BarleyLife Xtra is for people who believe nutrition matters.

They believe their busy lives, chronic stress, and lack of exercise require more nutrition than they get from the food they eat.

Does that sound like you?

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