Inflammation, Sleep Problems and BarleyLife Xtra

A meta-analysis, published in Biological Psychiatry, reported the findings of 72 journal articles, which recorded the sleep habits and inflammation markers of over 50,000 sleepers.

Those with sleep problems, such as people who don't get enough sleep, as well as those people who get too much sleep, had elevated levels of inflammatory markers [C-reactive protein (CRP) and interleukin-6 (IL-6)].

Inflammation is an immune system response that helps your body fight off infection and other illnesses. However, if the inflammation doesn't go away once it has done its important job, then it becomes detrimental to your health.

For example, chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, gut health, joint pain, and more.

If you are someone with sleep issues, there is a good possibility you may be suffering from chronic inflammation. This means poor quality of sleep may also be causing other health problems.

There is also evidence inflammation may be the root of some sleep problems. Therefore, researchers are recommending sleep problems be classified as an inflammation risk factor.

The good news is the same recommendations for better sleep are also good for reducing inflammation.

Exercise, reducing or eliminating caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and stress are ways to lower inflammation and improve quality of sleep.

Another factor to consider is diet. Antioxidants found in foods such as leafy green vegetables have been shown to help with inflammation. New studies link higher levels of antioxidant to quality sleep.

So don't lose sleep. Make a decision to improve your diet today. BarleyLife and BarleyLife Xtra contain nutrients to help you ward off inflammation, making them a healthy addition to any lifestyle.

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