"Within eight to fifteen days, it cleaned me out in a very, very good way. I lost eight and a half pounds of you-know-what."

"I suffered with horrible, horrible gastrointestinal issues my entire life. I found no help through conventional medicine.

I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. I can remember being in the fetal position, in so much pain all the time. I was bloated, I was constipated, but I had no idea how constipated that I really was.

About eight years ago, I was driving and got rear-ended by a fire truck. It sounds worse than it is, but the paramedics rushed out, put me in a neck brace, put me in the car, and rushed me to the hospital. I’m in this neck brace and the doctor did all these x-rays on me.

He came back and said, "Well Christine, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is: you're not paralyzed."

Then he showed me this x-ray and said, "Do you see all that cloudy area going on in there? You have over three-and-a-half feet of backed up stool in you."

And it was clear to me now why I had been in so much pain.

My grandmother-in-law has been taking this "dirt" we call it, for about twenty-five years. She said to me, "Well honey, it's time you start taking this dirt now."

And I said, "Okay, anything."

I had tried everything. I had tried laxatives. I was on every constipation pill you could take. I was on every kind of fiber you could take.

And nothing worked.

So I started taking the Herbal Fiberblend, which my family and I call the "dirt", and literally, within eight to fifteen days, it cleaned me out in a very, very good way. I lost eight and a half pounds of you-know-what.

I no longer have irritable bowel syndrome.

Today, I'm a nutritionist and you can believe that all my clients are on the "dirt" - Herbal Fiberblend - and the "grass" - AIM BarleyLife." - Kristine Kosturos, Olympia, Washington

What People Are Saying

"I looked after my ninety-one-year-old foster dad, Will. He had been constipated for over a month. I gave him laxatives, but nothing worked.

Will loved Cream of Wheat, so I started adding Herbal Fiberblend. Within two to three days, he was amazed when he started to have regular bowel movements.

Proper nutrition along with AIM's Dynamic Duo made a huge difference." - Donna Reeves, Baltimore, Ontario, Canada

P.S. Are you getting enough fiber every day?

Dietary fiber helps to prevent gallstones, control irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and almost any intestinal disorder.

It also helps to control cholesterol, blood sugar and prevent colon cancer.

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