Can Vitamin A Help You Sleep at Night?

Many people know that Vitamin A is good for eye and skin health. But did you know this fat soluble vitamin is also good for helping you sleep at night?

Vitamin A plays an essential role in helping us fall asleep on time, get high quality sleep and sleep throughout the night.

One sign of low levels of Vitamin A is difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, even though you control your exposure to blue light.

Another symptom of low Vitamin A levels is night blindness. If you have trouble while driving at night, yet can easily see during the day, you may be deficient of Vitamin A.

One good source of Vitamin A is carrots. A quick and easy way to get your carrots every day is Just Carrots.

P.S. Just Carrots is made from one hundred percent natural carrot juice, minus the fiber.

It takes 25 pounds of raw carrots to make one pound of Just Carrots powder. The powder mixed with water is equivalent to 4.5 oz of freshly squeezed juice.

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