Her ADHD Son Calms Down with Magnesium

"My son came out of the womb running. He was intense and more in every way.

The experts determined that he had attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and wanted to put him on Ritalin at the age of three.

That was not going to happen in my world.

It ripped my insides apart at the thought of how this would crush his little spirit and deny him the freedom of being who he was born to be.

Then the miracle of magnesium showed up in Cell Wellness Restorer. From the time he was three years old, we have used Cell Wellness Restorer.

Now at the age of fourteen, we still use Cell Wellness Restorer.

We experienced dramatic results in calming him down, keeping his anxiety levels in check, and raising a healthy, happy, beautiful boy.

With more and more children - and even adults - experiencing elevated levels of sensitivities, this magnesium can change peoples' lives for the better." - Heather Whatcott, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

P.S. Magnesium is essential for every single cell in your body and you need it to operate at a high level.

Cell Wellness Restorer lotion is applied to the skin, through a foot soak or bath.

To learn more about the health benefits of magnesium, Click Here.

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