Healthy Aging, Soft Skin, and Improvements In Cholesterol

"I'm a second generation BarleyLife user. My father used it over twenty years ago because of poor health.

My skin was getting age spots in my forties and I had noticed his skin was soft and glowed. So I started using Cellsparc 360 because it was one of the products he used.

Within one bottle, my skin got soft and began to clear up. It also seemed to help a little with hot flashes and pre-menopause.

Now I have not even said anything about having perfect cholesterol levels, which were a side benefit of my search for healthy-looking skin.

My age spots faded and everyone started telling me how good my skin looked. I had my cholesterol levels checked and they came back so low the nurse told me I had perfect levels of cholesterol.

She wished she could get that low.

I was so happy because bad cholesterol runs in my family’s hearts big time.

Just for the fun of it, I sent my husband to get his cholesterol checked. His was 264/177, HDL was 59, Triglycerides 89, his liver was inflamed and he was in trouble.

Both my husband and his doctor laughed when he said he was going to try his wife's BarleyLife diet and exercise. I put him on AIMega, Cellsparc 360 and BarleyLife.

Five months later, he was rechecked, and he went from 'very high,' down past 'high,' and right on past 'borderline' to the best test level possible: 'near optimal.'

Both my husband and the doctor stopped laughing. His new levels were 204/127, his HDL levels went up to 70, and his Triglycerides went down from 89 to 71.

He had tried exercise and diet before and his health just kept getting worse.

People also began to notice his skin had gotten softer and began to glow.

He works outdoors everyday and had thick, weathered skin.

In fact, I hear my husband in the kitchen right now mixing his BarleyLife and shaking the AIMega into his hand." - Charlene Marion, Eugene, Oregon

P.S. People who take BarleyLife and other AIM products believe nutrition matters.

Does that sound like you?

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