Will You Beat The Odds?

Statistics show seventy percent of all people will die of heart disease, cancer or stroke.*

Will you beat the odds?

According to the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society, one way to beat the odds is to get nine to eleven servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Doing this will lower your risk of death by forty-two percent at any point in your life. Included is the reduced risk of heart problems, cancer and stroke.

Yet surveys show most people fail to do this on a regular basis.

What are you doing to beat the odds?

P.S. According to a study published in Preventing Chronic Disease, few people participate in five behaviors that help prevent disease.

The researchers selected the top five things for a healthy life and how many people do them:
  • No smoking

  • Moderate to no drinking

  • Exercising

  • Normal body mass index (BMI)

  • Getting enough sleep

Only six percent of the people who responded did all five behaviors, while thirty-one percent did four of the five aspects of a healthy life.

How many of these things are you doing every day to live a healthy lifestyle?

* Heart disease (34 percent), Cancer (33 percent), and Stroke (7 percent)
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