The Importance of Magnesium for Athletes

Living Well magazine recently spoke with Ron Murray, an expert on magnesium, about the importance of supplementing with Cell Wellness Restorer for athletic performance.

How important is magnesium for athletes?

"Magnesium is the most important mineral that you can put on your body. Doctors and researchers will tell you that.

When you put your body under stress of any kind, it drops into its magnesium stores. Athletes have depleted levels of magnesium because of the stress and sweating and, therefore, have the greatest need for magnesium.

It is a huge cardiovascular mineral. Some researchers think that football players have more heart attacks than the general public due, to magnesium deficiency. Cell Wellness Restorer promotes cardiovascular health.

We give Cell Wellness Restorer to marathon runners and others who workout. They won't ever be without it. They get better performance and they recover faster."

If you're in sports, when is the best time or times to apply topical magnesium?

"Before for you workout for sure and after. Have a bath in the salts and it helps to restore the body and build it back up. Magnesium provides healing. It goes right to the inflammation that causes the pain.

People get freaked out because it works so fast. A guy jumped off a trailer at work. He tore the ligaments in his ankle. It swelled up so bad it looked like he had a softball in his sock. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to bear weight on it for three weeks. These guys are oil workers, skeptical. But he put the magnesium on his ankle and it went down in size until it was almost normal. After twenty minutes, he helped load a three hundred pound pump."

Are there any benefits to taking topical magnesium rather than ingesting it orally?

"Every oral magnesium supplement needs digestion to breakdown. You'll only get a low percentage of that magnesium because your body just won't absorb that much. If you take too much, it can cause diarrhea. Some magnesium supplements have warnings about kidney function.

Topically applied, magnesium goes through your skin. You get one hundred percent of the magnesium. You get cellular magnesium right to the area where it needs to go. If you stretch a muscle or get cramps, you can spray it right on those areas. Spray it on and rub it in until it feels saturated. You can do that as often as you’d like.

The challenge is getting people to do it because they are used to eating and drinking everything. Stick it on your skin like a nicotine or medicine patch."

How often should an athlete supplement with magnesium?

"They need to experiment and figure out what works for them. My advice is to start their day and end their day with it. Take a bath. Soak their feet. Watch TV or read a book. Our kids are athletic and mostly just soak their feet. Some people aren’t into baths.

If people use Cell Wellness Restorer on a daily basis, they get more out of it. The physical body can't operate optimally without magnesium. When you have adequate amounts, it makes everything work better. It promotes digestion and elimination."

Is there anything that can disrupt proper topical magnesium supplementation?

"There is nothing that can stand in the way of a topical magnesium supplement. People with thicker skin may need to apply a little more."

What is the future of Cell Wellness Restorer?

"There's a growing awareness among young people these days. They're really taking care of themselves, even in their early twenties. They shop for what they want to eat and are buying more organic foods. They are willing to spend the extra money. We should be sharing Cell Wellness Restorer with these young people.

Cell Wellness Restorer is the best magnesium product out there. They need to know this. We’ve been with AIM for twenty-nine years. We've helped thousands of people. Cell Wellness Restorer is an important product. That's just a fact."

P.S. Magnesium is an important mineral in your body. It is involved in over three hundred biochemical reactions. 

It is necessary for every single cell to function at a high level.

Magnesium helps to make healthy bones and teeth, balance hormones, produce energy and much more.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™