The Factors for CalciAIM

The human body contains 206 bones that need to be strong and healthy to last you a long lifetime. The key mineral in making that happen is calcium.

Most of this bone building material should come from your diet although many people do not get an adequate calcium intake. That's one of the main reasons people turn to supplementation. However, calcium supplements are not created equal, and none are as good as CalciAIM.

AIM created CalciAIM with three key factors in mind:

1) Calcium powder is 98 percent absorbable. Tablets and caplets are only 20–30 percent absorbable.

2) Calcium is absorbed most efficiently when taken in doses of less than 500 mg.

3) Vitamin D is needed to effectively absorb calcium from food.

With a formula that integrates all three factors, one CalciAIM serving delivers three types of calcium powder (386 mg) along with vitamin D (283 IU).

To provide the finest calcium supplement available, AIM added even more supportive nutrients. The minerals, magnesium and zinc, and the amino acid L-lysine also help with calcium absorption.

Vitamin C works with L-lysine to improve cartilage development and maintenance. Copper is a necessary element for a cuproenzyme involved bone formation.

When it comes to calcium supplements, it doesn't get any better than CalciAIM.

P.S. Did you know without the right amounts of magnesium and other supporting nutrients, your body cannot adequately absorb calcium?

You can make sure you're getting enough calcium every day and more, with CalciAIM.

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Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™