"No pain, no more tightness, nothing!"


"For the past seven years, I've had trouble with sleeping and stress.

I tried different things and they always helped a little, but never were a complete solution.

I listened to a webinar archive by Lendy Murray on magnesium deficiency and women's health.

It made me realize how much magnesium actually does for the body, so I went ahead and ordered some of the Cell Wellness Restorer.

I was immediately impressed!

I had a crick in my neck all day from sleeping wrong, so I put some lotion on it and rubbed it in. Within thirty minutes, it kicked in. No pain, no more tightness, nothing!

Then I put some on my knee that is always giving me pain. So far, so good. I'm so excited to have a product like this!

The lotion and spray have become part of my nighttime routine. I put them on my legs and arms after a bath in the Cell Wellness Restorer. Each time, any pain goes away and I quit hurting.

I feel a lot better. I also added the Garden Trio and LeafGreens and have started eating healthy. It's all kind of working together." - Vicky Covington, Joplin, Missouri

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