Juicing For Health and Weight Loss

Don't like salad?

Have a salad-in-a-glass with the Garden Trio.

It's three concentrated vegetable juice powders - greens, beets and carrots. (It's actually over twenty veggies.)

No fuss. No mess. No hassle. What could be better than that?

Check out the facts about The Garden Trio and see why it is the easier, healthier, and more affordable way to juice.

What People Are Saying

"We take our AIM Garden Trio everywhere we go!" - Jan Baxter, Waterloo, Ontario

"For someone who’s not huge on veggies, I much more prefer the Garden Trio than veggies. And it gives me so much more energy too!" - Chris Giddens, San Antonio, Texas

"It's my best friend. I take it every day." - Sharla Davison, Boise, Idaho

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