How Do You Consume BarleyLife?

How do you drink your BarleyLife?

Do you mix it in water or juice?

Take it dry under your tongue?

What is your favorite way to take BarleyLife?

"We use the Garden Trio, (BarleyLife Xtra, RediBeet and Just Carrot) mixed with CalciAim. Love it, tastes like the "Tang" when we were kids." - Celeste Davis, Crescent, Oregon

"Completely dry a whole tablespoon in my mouth chased by fresh water. I love the salty taste of it that way…even though there isn't salt in it." - Cathlene Ann Blanton, Ontario, Oregon

"In capsule form." - Marsha L. Randolph, Miami, Florida

"Water, with either CalciAIM or Peak Endurance blended with it…wonderful." - John Shewfelt, Barrie, Ontario

"Depends on my time schedule. I like it dry under the tongue, but it really taste great in pineapple juice." - Melissa Dobney, Payette, Idaho

"I add Just Carrots, Redi Beets and water. Sometimes I have sprinkled it on my salad. Love the garden trio." - Cinda Long, Merom, Indiana

"With Redibeets and Just Carrots. Sometimes plain. Sometimes with apple juice." - Charlene McMurray, Ballitoville, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

"In my cocoa leaf greens with carrots. Yum!" - Kerry-Lee Furniss, Pretoria, South Africa

"Garden trio with pro peas and cocoa leaf greens in almond milk. It's awesome." - Elsie Schmucker, Sugarcreek, Ohio

"The only way for me is 3/4 cup water and 1/4 cup apple juice. Yum." - Jennifer Beer Cartwright, Hamilton, Ontario

"Dry under the tongue is a fast power blast…very effective if fighting off something….or just in a hurry. But, I do enjoy a delicious glass of BarleyLife in water." - Sandy Combs, Debary, Florida

"I prefer it in pineapple juice mixed with orange juice." - Alberto Naomi Diaz, Fruitland, Idaho

"I mostly mix it in OJ or make a smoothie and add it." - Karen Roberts, Oil City, Pennsylvania

"I mix barley life with water." - Nonhlanhla Phindile Khumalo, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

"Mix it with water and carrots." - Regina Rahde, Bad Sachsa, Germany

"I take it with 1/2 teaspoon of RediBeets in water. Love it!" - Ann Vander Boon Vlastuin, Rock Valley, Iowa

"Mix with beat juice and carrot juice." - Florence Falk, Greeley, Colorado

"I do the trio and mix about half water and half V8 juice." - Peggy Thomas, Danville, Virginia

"Blend or shake it with 1/2 cup water. Sometimes add calciAIM." - Judy Rowe, Springfield, Oregon

"Best as Garden Trio with the carrot and beet powder." - Ashley Joyce Van Driel, Lansing, Illinois

"I mix mine in water." - Ruth Hunt Davis, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I drink the Trio with Leaf Greens added in water." - Clara Druszkowski, New Lenox, Illinois

"In water." - Lendy Murray, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"In water every morning." - Ricki Cardwell Clark, Jacksonville, Texas

"Every morning. BarleyLife and Propeas based in almond milk. Sometimes I add the carrots and beets or fit and fiber." - Vikki Haas Walton, Lakewood, Colorado

"We mix it in apple and white grape juice for our son, who's a picky eater." - Laura Eilers, Conway, Arkansas

BarleyLife and BarleyLife Xtra are for people who believe nutrition matters. 

Why not see how this nutritious green powder works for you and your family?
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