"My health has been radically changed by using AIM products."

"The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, sang a hit song, 'Get Up Offa That Thing,' and that is what I would encourage you to do as well.

What I mean is exercise made a positive difference in my health.

AIM products provide the supplemental nutrition to keep me healthy and energized for physical activity.

I've been a happy AIM member since March 2009. My health has been radically changed by using AIM products.

Many people say on a continual basis my wife, Debbie, and I look so healthy. They are surprised to find out our ages. I'm sixty and Deb is fifty-seven.

You may recognize me from the article, "Slow Down the Hands of Time," published in a 2010 issue of Living Well magazine.

I related my journey to good health through the use of AIM products after having my first heart attack at the age of fifty.

I had a second, less severe heart attack in 2012.

However, I am excited to say that my cardiologist, Dr. Bonet, informed me on August 15, 2014 that the defect in my heart is gone.

It was Dr. Bonet who had told me exercise from walking was insufficient to deal with the plaque that was building up in my arteries.

Along with a change of diet, I needed to attend a Healthy Heart program, which emphasizes rest, relaxation, quietness, calmness, and moderate exercise, as well as breathing techniques for eighty minutes, three times a week.

I'm highly competitive, so I attended this class with a hammer-and-tongs attitude as my strength increased.

I am well beyond the fitness level of many in the class due to the abundant energy I derive from AIM products. They really work, helping to slow down the hands of time.

This vigorous workout has been excellent for my heart and general well-being. My heart now pumps at fifty percent. The normal heart pumps between forty and sixty percent.

Dr. Bonet has declared that my recovery is remarkable.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my story." - Mitchell Clarke, Burnaby, British Columbia

P.S. Mitchell Clarke supplements with AIMega, Cellsparc 360, Cocoa LeafGreens, BarleyLife, Herbal Fiberblend, Peak Endurance, Proancynol 2000 and Frame Essentials.

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