Composure and The Healthy Art of Betty Ann Brush

Betty Ann Brush was born with a 1 in a 1,000 chance of living. 

She came into the world with a cancerous tumor growing near her left eye. The tumor was surgically removed. Radiation and cobalt treatments were given when she was only six weeks old. It was confirmed that she was legally blind in her left eye.

Diagnosed with anemia, jaundice and low blood pressure, Betty was burdened with even more life-threatening health problems when she was still an infant.

When Betty reached school age, her educational years were affected by an inability to remember what she learned.

"I failed grades one and two," Betty stated. "The teachers thought I was lazy, but I just couldn't remember anything."

At her Catholic school, Betty was allowed to pass grades on the strength of her artwork. She loved creating art. When she later switched to a public school, her test results were graded as to what she could remember.

By the age of thirty, Betty had had over thirty operations for a variety of maladies.

"So many health issues affected my mind," she admitted.

One of the ailments that affects her to this day is a nerve disorder known as neuropathy. Muscle twitching is just one of many symptoms.

"My body jumps day and night. And I’m a light sleeper. I feel lucky if I get two hours of sleep a night."

Running her own beauty shops for over thirty years, Betty needed something to calm her nerves. Fortunately, she came across Composure. She noticed it really helped with her 'body jumps.'

"I felt a whole lot better. If the body jumps are not severe, I take Composure just before I go to bed," Betty explained. "But when they're really bad, I take it an hour before bedtime. I take it during the night, too."

She finds the muscle twitching increases whenever she eats sugary snacks, so Betty has tried to eliminate them from her diet.

To help maintain her intense schedule at the beauty shop, Betty took BarleyLife® to give her energy.

"I could not do without BarleyLife."

In 1993, Betty got married and closed her beauty shop. Another huge change came back into her life.

"Art was such an important part of my life when I was younger," she recalled. "I found an evening art class held in a material shop and began taking lessons."

The oil, acrylic and watercolor art that Betty has produced since 1995 reflects the spirit of expression from a God-given talent that started to bloom in her childhood. She has had many exhibitions and received numerous awards over the years.

Unfortunately, Betty had to stop painting for five years. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Betty discovered that oil paints were toxic and stopped using them.

"I had to have a mastectomy, but decided on no chemotherapy or radiation," Betty stated. "I had been taking very little BarleyLife at the time, but I sure took a lot afterward!"

Now at the age of seventy-six, Betty maintains her quality of life with the help of the before mentioned AIM products as well as Herbal Fiberblend and Bear Paw Garlic.

"I’m not on any medication," she said.
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