Are All Barley Grasses Created Equal?

If you think of the number of choices for green nutrition provided by nature, you might wonder why barley grass is at the top of the list.

It was the research and analysis by Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, of hundreds of different types of leafy greens, that determined barley grass contains the widest spectrum of nutrients, from any single green source on the face of the earth.

This discovery led to the creation of BarleyLife.

When young barley plants are in the early stage of growth, they are more similar to vegetables than to grains. Harvested at this "vegetable" stage, barley leaves are jam-packed with natural nutrients that nurture good health.

The secret to BarleyLife providing a complete source of nutrition for human consumption is using a natural juicing method, that removes the indigestible fiber, which encases the nutrients.

Then the nutrient-rich green juice is dried into a powder at low temperatures, providing concentrated nutrition easily absorbed by your body.

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