20 Ways Barley Grass Meets Any Health Challenge

All life depends on chlorophyll to exist. It is super healthy and found in all green plants. Without chlorophyll, there is no life.

For humanity, the question is which form is best for human nutrition.

Two primary sources list barley grass as the best source of nutrition. The Bible as well as modern science both say the barley plant (not the grain) is the best source of chlorophyll.

A medical doctor and researcher offers the following summary of the benefits of an alkaline body system:

"An alkaline diet is vital to the stimulation of immune function and overall health. When our tissues become acidic, it can result in impaired function of major body systems, including skin integrity, organs, digestion and overall bone health.

Our enzymatic, immunologic and repair systems all function at their best when in an alkaline environment. The best treatment for a naturally healthy body is to adopt a nutrient-rich alkaline diet that will help our systems to function at optimal levels and stop bone depletion as well.

Our body's internal system needs a pH level that is just above 7.0 to be in an alkaline state." - Dr. Devin Mikles, M.D., of Choices Integrative Healthcare, Sedona, Arizona

20 Ways Barley Grass Helps You Meet Any Health Challenge

1. Life Blood Chlorophyll:
Barley grass is the most complete food on the planet and one of the best sources of chlorophyll, which is the basis of all life on earth.

2. Oxygen Rich:
Barley grass is high in oxygen. Your brain and all your body tissues work their best in a highly-oxygenated environment.

3. Anti-Bacterial:
The chlorophyll in barley grass is such a powerful anti-bacterial agent that it can be used to protect your body inside and out.

4. Easy To Digest:
As a perfect food, barley grass is very easy to digest, absorb, and use.

5. Red Blood Cell Count:
Barley grass helps to rebuild and restore the red blood cell count, which helps energize the entire body.

6. Sex Boost:
The high magnesium content in chlorophyll helps replenish enzymes that restore sex hormones.

7. Mineral Rich:
Barley grass contains nearly all the minerals that can be absorbed from the soil.

8. Life Source Food:
Barley grass is packed with a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. It's believed animals and humans could live on it alone.

9. Miracle Worker:
People with chronic diseases of all kinds have made dramatic recoveries from using super food grasses on a daily basis.

10. Detoxify:
Barley grass is particularly well-suited to detoxify your body of acid wastes, including drug deposits.

11. Garbage Collector:
Chlorophyll helps purify the liver, the primary "garbage collector" of your body.

12. Balance Blood Sugar:
Chlorophyll helps to improve blood sugar swings.

13. Acne:
When used for at least six months, barely grass helps overcome any chronic skin problem.

14. Scrub and Deodorize:
Barley grass acts as a detergent in your body, helping to deodorize from within.

15. Hair and Teeth:
The ingredients found in barley grass have been shown to be useful in combating everything from tooth decay to hair loss.

16. Enzymes:
Barley grass is rich in enzymes, promoting better digestion and more.

17. Bowel Movements:
Barley grass is good for improving bowel regularity by providing fiber and chlorophyll as well as, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

18. Remove Heavy Metals:
Barley grass can help remove heavy metals from the body.

19. Colon Cleanser:
Regular use of barley grass can help remove years of impacted fecal matter from your colon and reduce your risk of cell damage.

20. Blood:
Barley grass helps remove acid waste from your blood, which in turn helps to reduce the detoxifying work required by the liver and the lymphatic system.

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