Top 7 Reasons to Give Your Child Cocoa LeafGreens

Top 7 Reasons To Give Your Child Cocoa LeafGreens
  • Kaempferol boosts immune system health
  • Diversify their vitamin portfolio
  • The flavonols in cocoa may protect your children from sun damage.
  • Quercetin may provide relief from allergies.
  • Better nutrition has been linked to better grades
  • Iron deficiency can decrease cognitive functioning. (Cocoa LeafGreens has 28 percent of daily iron needs.)    
  • Kids who don't eat healthy are at greater risk of developing unhealthy weight control behaviors.
If your kids do not eat enough vegetables every day, then great tasting greens can now be yours with CoCoa LeafGreens.

There are three different types of cocoa powders in CoCoa LeafGreens, as well as a blend of broccoli sprouts, barley, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, and arugula.

P.S. CoCoa LeafGreen contains three different types of cocoa. Cocoa has more antioxidants (cancer fighters) than blueberries, green tea or red wine. 

It supports bone health, benefits your heart, has a positive effect on blood pressure as well as cholesterol and more.

Best of all, it tastes like chocolate. 😀
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