The Health Benefits of Beet Juice

It has always been considered healthy to eat beets. It seems these days there is a lot of information regarding the health benefits of beet juice. Here are a few things written about this juice:

  • Beet juice provides incredible cardiovascular benefits that improve active function

  • Benefits of beet juice exceed expectations 

  • Daily intake of beet juice promotes brain health in older adults

  • Beet juice lowers blood pressure 

  • Beet juice boosts athletic performance by up to 16 percent

In 1994, The AIM Companies introduced RediBeets, a beet juice powder. 

The concentrated nutrition from beet juice powder has numerous health benefits. Beet nutrients, such as betaine, help to cleanse your liver, the hard-working organ that filters and neutralizes any toxins that enter your body.

For your cardiovascular health, researchers have determined that along with improving circulation and lowering blood pressure, beet juice helps you do physical activities with less effort, by allowing your muscles to function with smaller amounts of oxygen. 

No matter your age, you won't be as breathless when physically active if you drink beet juice.

The word is out. Beets are in. For your overall health, make RediBeets a part of your nutritional intake every day. (And boost your nitric oxide levels.)

Whatever you can do to ensure your body gets an optimal amount of necessary nutrients on a daily basis will help to prevent ailments and maintain good health.

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Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™