She's Eighty-Seven Years Young

Leaette Braswell of Eastman, Georgia is eighty-seven years young.

She was a second grade teacher for thirty-two years. After retiring, Leaette taught General Educational Development (GED) for a local prison program for six years. 

When this ended, she tutored for three years at a middle school.

Right now, Leaette is a substitute teacher for three days a week at the local high school. Yup, she's eighty-seven years young!

Since 1996, Leaette has been taking the Garden Trio. Later, she added Proancynol 2000, FloraFood, Herbal Fiberblend, and fit 'n fiber.

She gives God all the credit for her having her daughter-in-law, Marcia Braswell, share the AIM products with her in 1996.

Leaette and her ninety-one year-old sister recently received a National Alumni award from Brewton Parker College. They will travel there in April to personally receive their awards.

Leaette says she never feels bad and considers herself to be blessed. She is so thankful for AIM products and shares them with others.

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