"I no longer have irritable bowel syndrome."

"I suffered with horrible, horrible gastrointestinal issues my entire life. I found no help through conventional medicine.

I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. I can remember being in the fetal position, in so much pain all the time. I was bloated, I was constipated, but I had no idea how constipated that I really was.

About eight years ago, I was driving and got rear-ended by a fire truck. It sounds worse than it is, but the paramedics rushed out, put me in a neck brace, put me in the car, and rushed me to the hospital. I’m in this neck brace and the doctor did all these x-rays on me.

He came back and said, "Well Christine, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is: you're not paralyzed."

Then he showed me this x-ray and said, "Do you see all that cloudy area going on in there? You have over three-and-a-half feet of backed up stool in you." And it was clear to me now why I had been in so much pain.

My grandmother-in-law has been taking this "dirt" we call it, for about twenty-five years. She said to me, "Well honey, it's time you start taking this dirt now." And I said, "Okay, anything."

I had tried everything. I had tried laxatives. I was on every constipation pill you could take. I was on every kind of fiber you could take. And nothing worked.

So I started taking the Herbal Fiberblend, which my family and I call the "dirt", and literally, within eight to fifteen days, it cleaned me out in a very, very good way. I lost eight and a half pounds of you-know-what.

I no longer have irritable bowel syndrome.

Today, I'm a nutritionist and you can believe that all my clients are on the "dirt" – Herbal Fiberblend - and the "grass" - AIM BarleyLife." - Kristine Kosturos, Olympia, Washington

P.S. Herbal Fiberblend and BarleyLife are for people who believe nutrition matters and makes a difference in their health. 

Does that sound like you?

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