Magnesium for a Healthy Body

The function of magnesium in your body is vast - everything from electrolyte maintenance to metabolism to heart health and so much more, can be traced back to magnesium.

The magnesium in Cell Wellness Restorer can help create a body in balance and lead to improved health in a number of areas:

How Can You Tell If You Need More Magnesium?

Without a definitive test for magnesium deficiency, the best option is careful self-examination of your diet and lifestyle. Answer the following questions to see where you stand.

Do You Regularly Drink Dark-Colored Soft Drinks?

The phosphates in these sodas bind with magnesium and hinder its efficacy.

Do You Eat Sweet Foods and Desserts On a Regular Basis?

Refined sugars rob the body of vital nutrients, including magnesium.

Are You Constantly Under Stress?

The body uses magnesium to counter emotionally stressful situations.

Have You Recently Undergone a Major Medical Procedure?

Like emotional stress, physical stress takes a toll on the magnesium reserves in your body.

Do You Daily Drink Coffee, Tea, or Caffeinated Beverages?

Caffeine causes the kidneys to release extra magnesium.

Do You Take Prescription Drugs?

Certain diuretics, heart medications, asthma medications, birth control pills, and estrogen replacement therapies may cause magnesium deficiency by way of excess kidney filtering, similar to caffeine's effect.

Do You Drink More Than Seven Alcoholic Beverages Per Week?

Like caffeine and prescription drugs, a high intake of alcohol can cause the kidneys to over-excrete magnesium.

Do You Take Calcium Supplements Without a Proper Ratio of Magnesium Supplements? 

Magnesium and calcium work hand-in-hand, but when the amount of calcium greatly exceeds that of magnesium, the imbalance can hinder magnesium absorption and retention.

Do You Experience Neurologic or Neuromuscular Symptoms?

Neurologic symptoms may include anxiety, restlessness, or sleeplessness; neuromuscular symptoms may include spasms, cramps, and tics. These signs could hint at magnesium deficiency since magnesium plays an important role in the health of the neurologic system.

Are You Over The Age of Fifty-Five?

Aging, stress, and disease all contribute to lower magnesium levels.

To meet your need for magnesium, consider topical Mag-nificence CWR (Cell Wellness Restorer). 

It comes as a lotion and can be used in a bath or foot soak.
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