"This little girl knows what is good for her."

"A customer brought her two-year-old girl to our organic meat store at the farm. Mary had been taking BarleyLife throughout her pregnancy, but recently had run out.

When her little girl saw my container of BarleyLife on the table, she got all excited. She pointed to it, trying to reach for the empty sample.

Her mother laughed and said, "Now I'd better get a new jar. Otherwise she won’t leave me alone."

Right away Mary opened her purchase, put some of the green powder in the impatient little hand. Immediately the girl started to lick it with obvious delight.

There was BarleyLife all over her face and shirt, but she couldn’t care less. She was one happy little camper!

If only many adults would take her as a role model instead of being picky and complaining about the green taste. This little girl knows what is good for her.” - Petra Stevenson, Ashton, Ontario

P.S. BarleyLife and BarleyLife Xtra are for parents who want to make sure their kids are getting everything they need for good health. 

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