"Today I live with no pain."


No more pain, no more problems. Cathlene Blanton had yearned for this relief.

Facing the prospect of her seventeenth surgery, this one for neck pain and bulging discs, Cathlene tried magnesium.

Within days, she could feel the magnesium working on a cellular level in her body. Two weeks later, her surgery was canceled, and her neck problems vanished.

"When the doctors took a followup x-ray, they realized I had no arthritis, no sign of the bulging discs in my neck," Cathlene said.

"I didn't have to have any surgeries. My neck problems have seemed to have gone away thanks to the addition of magnesium to my BarleyLife and other AIM products. Today I live with no pain."

To understand what was happening to her, Cathlene turned to Melissa Dobney, who introduced her to AIM products, including magnesium.

Cathlene said. "As the tissue and bone improved, my pain decreased, and I was able to avoid surgery."

Cathlene uses magnesium lotion daily, before she goes to sleep. She also takes baths using crystals three to four times a week and applies the magnesium in the morning and at night.

In addition to resolving her neck problems, Cathlene also experienced benefits to her spine. Prior to magnesium, her spine would hurt from top to bottom because of sciatica.

"Two weeks after regularly applying the lotion," Cathlene said, "my spine started feeling better. Soon after that, the doctors said I have no problems with my spine anymore. I believe I don't even have sciatica anymore."

"My goal is to spread health," Cathlene said. "I want people to know that you can get better - not only live, not only survive, but thrive."

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