How The 'laziest guy ever' Lost 80 Pounds

When he weighed in at 252 pounds, Phillip Jermann finally reached his limit.

"I'm the laziest guy ever. I don't like to exercise at all. I wasn't very athletic in high school and then I went to college and just ballooned."

Phillip is a biologist at The AIM Companies corporate office in Nampa, Idaho.

"When you lose eighty pounds, life really does start over. It's amazing to look back on photos of myself and see a completely different person. By continuing my healthy eating habits and AIM product regimen, I've maintained my weight in the long term."

"I lost eighty pounds while taking ProPease and fit 'n fiber. Over the last year, I've often been asked how I lost the weight. The simple answer is I took the products, tracked what I ate and exercised."

"If I'm hungry between breakfast and lunch, I'll take some fit 'n fiber with some ProPeas," says Phillip.

"Or if I'm feeling hungry in the afternoon and I want a snack, that’s when I take the products. So it's not at the same time every day, but I just use them when I feel like my body needs it."

"ProPeas satisfied my hunger, so when I found research that justified my results, I couldn't wait to share it with everyone."

"Research in "The Protein Book" by Lyle McDonald shows pea protein is slowly digested. Each serving of ProPeas contains twelve grams of protein, but it is digested at three grams per hour. That means it takes four hours to digest one serving and why it keeps us full between meals."

"This is much different from whey protein at nine grams per hour and soy protein at four grams per hour. This quick digestion results in a fast emptying of the stomach and hunger pains prior to your next meal."

"Pea protein also increases your metabolism. For every calorie of ProPeas protein that you consume, you burn twenty-five percent of it during digestion. When we consume slowly digested pea protein, our body exerts even more energy than when soy or whey is digested. This increase in energy expenditure to break down pea protein results in an increase of our metabolism."

"I encourage everyone who would like to lose or maintain weight to incorporate ProPeas and fit ’n fiber into your diet. Lose weight and keep it off the healthy, AIM way." - Phillip Jermann, Biologist at The AIM Companies

What People Are Saying

"I have great news about ProPeas. I have lost a total of forty-two pounds since I started using it. Thanks for everything. I love the ProPeas!" - Cathy Ann Berg, Ontario, Oregon

"I've tried many protein drinks in the past, but none have kept my sugar as balanced as ProPeas. Since I've been on the ProPeas, my sugar stays level and have never felt better." - Sandy Dingler, Ocala, Florida

"You have the synergy of all the branch chain amino acids, and a clean alkaline-forming plant-based protein powder, together with the Peak Endurance that contains all the electrolytes, B vitamins and 125g of ATP total sugar content of 2g. What a find!" - Lere Robinson, Columbia, South Carolina

"I just tried the ProPeas and fit n fiber for the first time and love it! I just added milk, and it tasted great. One and a half hours later I drank my BarleyLife, and two hours later, I was still feeling full. Thanks." - Naomi Diaz, Fruitland, Idaho

"I thought I would never lose the weight. Now I don’t have the joint pain that I’ve had for years. My knees are feeling so much better, I don’t have pain every day and as an added bonus my skin looks better. I feel great about myself. My husband loves this newfound me." - Teresa Ward, Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Everybody wants the best for their body and this is it." - Gary Slusher, East Peoria, Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is ProPeas?
It's an all-natural, allergen-free, vegetable protein powder made from field peas.

Q: How Much Protein Do I Need?
Please consult the recommended daily servings chart on the ProPeas label. It provides recommendations for adolescents, adults, pregnant/lactating women and athletes that equate to about 1/3 to 1/2 of each group's Daily Reference Intake.

Q: Is There Anyone Who Should Not Take Fit n' Fiber?
Pregnant or nursing women and children under twelve years of age should consult a doctor before using fit 'n fiber. This health supplement contains coconut milk and psyllium husk powder.

Q: Will Fit 'n Fiber Give Me Gas?
Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet can increase flatulence in the short term. However, by slowly increasing intake over one or two weeks, the production of gas will be less noticeable. Within a week, your body should begin to adjust to the increased intake of fiber and flatulence should return to normal.

Q: How Much Is It?
There are a couple of options, depending on what you want. The retail price of ProPeas is $43.50 USD.

You also have the option of becoming a Member and getting it at wholesale.

You know how Costco™ and Sam’s Club™ have an annual membership? And then you get things at a special member price? This works like that. For a fee of $20, you get a membership to The AIM Companies™. This allows you to get ProPeas at the wholesale price of $41.00, instead of paying retail. (24 servings at $1.58 cents per serving)

However, with an initial product order of $100 or more, the $20 application fee is waived and you get your membership for free. If you order fit n' fiber and ProPeas together as AIM's Lean Team, you can get them for $71, instead of paying the retail price of $92.50 - a savings of $21.50.

Note: If you decide to sign-up for the monthly auto-ship, you get an additional five percent discount on orders of $50 or more. On orders of $125 or more, you get an additional 10 percent discount.

Q: How Often Do I Have To Order?
You only order what you need. There's no monthly quota or required minimum order. You order what you want, when you want it.

Q: Do Fit 'n Fiber and ProPeas Come With Any Type Of Guarantee?
All nutritional products from The AIM Companies come with an absolute satisfaction, no fine print guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just simply return the unused portion within thirty days, for a full 100% money-back refund. No hassles and no hard feelings.

Q: How Do I Order Fit 'n Fiber and ProPeas?
Whenever we order, we have the option of going online or calling 1-800-456-2462. It’s extremely convenient and our order arrives within five to seven days. When calling to become a Member and order ProPeas, use our referral #477210.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. ProPeas® and fit n'fiber are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary per person.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™