"AIM helped my body to feel good."

Certified personal trainer and bodybuilder Nick Victory went all-in with AIM products for a thirty-five day trial and achieved impressive results, with a clean feeling of wellness that only AIM’s whole-food nutrition can provide.

"After about day ten, I felt an immense feeling of cleanliness in my body," Nick said.

"I felt more resilient, which, as any good muscle-building athlete knows, is everything! The ability of your body to repair those muscle fibers you tore is what leads to increased muscle mass and strength.

"Another huge plus was how my body started to treat food. With my system running cleaner, I could tell that my body was having a lot less trouble getting what it needed from my food."

"All in all, AIM did it right."

Nick specializes in bodybuilding, and his experience with AIM served as an opportunity to test how his own body would react to whole food nutrition.

He took measurements of his arms, legs, chest, and waist before and after the trial, and he stopped taking all other supplements for two weeks prior to ensure that all results achieved could be attributed to AIM.

And the results were huge! Nick experienced desired results across the board.

His trial included six products: BarleyLife, fit ’n fiber, CoCoa LeafGreens, RediBeets, Peak Endurance, and ProPeas.

His consistent use of AIM products turned heads at the gym and gave him an opportunity to explain the clean feeling of wellness Nick achieved during his trial.

"The clean feeling was the coolest part," said Nick, who continues to take the products now that his trial has ended.

"Other products feel very chemical. I’ve tried a huge variety of supplement lines, and I was surprised to discover that AIM really did stand up to the competition. AIM did the trick, and AIM helped my body to feel good."

"If you want it enough, and want to be healthy doing it, AIM can help."

Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™