FloraFood and PrepZymes for Digestive Health

To be effective, separately take FloraFood and PrepZymes.

Both work wonders for your digestive and immune systems, supporting overall good health.

The enzymes in PrepZymes not only help to digest food, they provide supplemental enzymes needed for literally thousands of essential chemical reactions in your body.

The friendly bacteria in FloraFood promote a healthy balance of intestinal flora and pH, while helping to produce vitamins and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

But if you take FloraFood and PrepZymes at the same time, the enzymes will digest the FloraFood, destroying the healthy bacteria. (And wasting your money.)

Taken separately at different mealtimes allows FloraFood and PrepZymes to get their work done, without any interference.

So if you take PrepZymes with breakfast and dinner, take FloraFood with lunch and a snack.

Whatever you do, keep them separate.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™