Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Cause Nutrient Deficiencies?

Have you ever wondered why we must replace various vitamins and minerals on a regular basis? Are there factors working against our health - some of which we are doing to ourselves?

The answer is, "Yes."

The attached chart shows the various pharmaceutical drugs (Rx) or common over-the-counter aids used on a daily basis. Often these substances are used without regard to the possible dangers to our health.

Take a few minutes to review the chart and see if any of those listed on the left are part of your regimen. If so, check on the right side to see what is being deleted from your body.

The result may be a contributing factor to your lack of good health.

As an AIM Member, you can offset much of the potential damage by including various AIM nutritional supplements.

A good homework assignment would be to have the attached chart in one hand and the AIM Product List in the other hand.

Check off the various AIM supplements that can help offset the negative effects listed in the chart. 
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™