BarleyLife for a Balanced pH

BarleyLife has a potential renal acid load (PRAL) value of -6.77.

This is important when it comes to fighting sickness and disease, because an alkaline body has a difficult time becoming sick.

Our blood chemistry is slightly alkaline.

The chlorophyll (the blood of the plant) is slightly alkaline.

Green foods support a healthy immune system, which not only help fight things such as cancer, but also many other diseases.

Processed foods, stress, excessive exercise and some medications disrupt our pH balance, contributing to acidity in the body, which negatively affects our health.

So for better health, go green.

P.S. An acidic body can cause numerous problems, including obesity, bad skin, hair, nails and teeth. 

It can also lead to weakening of the bones, leaky gut syndrome, Candida, allergies, anxiety, panic disorders, muscular spasms, cramps and chronic fatigue.

Most importantly, an acidic body increases the risk of multiplying cancerous cells.

Along with alkalizing foods, BarleyLife is an excellent way to help bring your system back into a proper acid-alkaline balance.

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