Are Nutritional Supplements Cost Effective?

If you've been a long-time consumer of BarleyLife, then give yourself a pat on the back.

Drinking BarleyLife has improved your nutrition and has likely enhanced your overall health.

However, it looks like all those green juices may have also saved you some money.

A study published in Clinical Nutrition took a look at the cost-effectiveness of nutritional supplements in care facilities as well as nursing homes.

What they discovered was taking non-disease specific nutritional supplements may save money by offsetting healthcare costs.

The researchers sifted through a large body of evidence, that spanned nineteen publications and dozens of articles, on the cost and cost-effectiveness of supplement usage in care facilities.

When nutritional supplements were used for a period of less than three months, there was a 5 percent reduction in healthcare costs.

When supplements were used for longer than three months, there was a 9.2 percent increase in savings.

The research also showed supplements improved quality of life, lowered the rates of infections, falls, functional limitations and minor post-operative complications.

"Overall, the reviewed studies, mostly based on retrospective cost analyses, indicate that ONS (oral nutritional supplements) use in the community produce an overall cost advantage or near neutral balance, often in association with clinically relevant outcomes, suggesting cost effectiveness. There is a need for prospective studies designed to examine primary economic outcomes." - Science Direct

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