"Right after the operation, we found him sitting up eating his dinner. The nurses called him amazing in his recovery."

This is our thirty-second year with AIM. This last year has shown us how much we have benefited from taking AIM products.

We are very thankful to the Lord for directing us to AIM.

In April 2014, my husband, Albert, was limping so badly the Forest Service made him resign from his job after thirteen years of service.

He had to undergo a total hip replacement in June. 

Before the surgery, his nurse told him it was the first time she had taken the stats of someone who was Albert's age and not on medication.

Right after the operation, we found him sitting up eating his dinner. The nurses called him amazing in his recovery.

The day after surgery, the nurse asked him if he could walk thirty feet and he walked one hundred and thirty feet without a problem.

His immune system was very strong, and he had hardly any pain. Even the home health nurses said it was very unusual for him to be so healthy after a hip replacement.

A month later, the doctor signed a letter stating he could go back to work at the Forest Service with no restrictions, although his employer said that was too soon. They didn't hire him back until April 2015.

Albert turned eighty in July.

In January 2015, my doctor had me get a colonoscopy. He thought I was constipated when I started having problems in December.

I've never been constipated except once when I was a teenager.

How surprised we were when the doctor found my colon almost closed off by a cancerous tumor. 

Cancer was the last thing I thought I would ever experience since I watch what I eat, and I have been very health conscious for over fifty years.

My life was not my own from January until May 4 as I had chemo and radiation, but thankfully I was never sick nor did I lose my hair.

The main products I took faithfully were at least 3 to 6 heaping tablespoons of BarleyLife, 1 to 2 tablespoons of Just Carrots and 2 teaspoons of RediBeets every day. (Note: These three nutritional supplements are known as the Garden Trio.)

My surgery was on May 4, and my doctor said it was textbook perfect. The nurses commented on my excellent health, saying I wasn't a typical patient. Feeling great and having no pain, it was hard not to overdo it in recovery.

The doctor was able to remove the tumor close to my rectum, without requiring me to have a colostomy bag.

We thank the Lord for his amazing mercy to both my husband and me. We have excellent doctors in McCall, Idaho, for which we are grateful.

Again, we thank AIM for their excellent health products. We are baffled over me even getting cancer, but the Lord knows the reason. If I can help someone with their health, it will be worth it all. 

I just received my AIM order last week with the new Living Well magazine. I am really excited about the article about the magnesium lotion.

A day or two before getting my order, I fell flat on my stomach on our driveway, twisting my ankle. By evening my ankle started hurting, and that night I had shooting pains whenever I tried walking on it.

Thinking I would have to get it X-rayed in the morning, I soaked my foot using the crystals and then rubbed the lotion over my foot.

Praying about it, we went to bed, and by morning the pain had left. It was a little swollen, but thankfully the pain never returned.

Thank you, AIM, for publishing that excellent article.

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