What is The Best Vitamin Supplement?

Everyone knows we need fruits and vegetables for good health. The latest guidelines call for 5 to 9 servings per day.

Studies show that eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can increase your energy, protect you from poor eyesight, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and cancer. Yet most people do not eat enough of them.

One way to get enough fruits and veggies every day is to juice them. This gives your body the necessary nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants (cancer fighters) and more.

7 Reasons To Consider Juicing
Following are some important benefits of juicing:

1) Nutrition. Cooked food can be poor in nutrition. Cooking at temperatures over 120 degrees kills much of the nutrition in most foods. Some health experts recommend consuming a good percentage of your foods raw. With juicing, it's easy.

2) Chlorophyll. Green juices contain chlorophyll, which purifies and rebuilds blood cells, removes toxins and helps prevent and remove cancer cells.

3) Cleansing. Cleanses your cells. Health begins at the cellular level. Getting oxygen to your cells, as well as keeping them clean of toxins, is a matter of life and death.

4) Alkaline. Many health experts teach that vegetables are alkaline. On the other hand, a body that is acidic can cause degenerative diseases and faster aging. By this theory, an alkaline body is a healthy body.

5) Healing. Vegetable juice is a natural healer, with nutrients that destroy harmful bacteria and germs.

6) Absorption. The vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients (plant medicines) in juice are better absorbed by your body. This helps prevent disease and premature aging. Easy absorption is especially important if you've eaten a bad diet for years.

7) Co-factors. This is term professionals use when talking about vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to process food. Co-factors are crucial for you to be able to absorb nutrition from food, make fuel for energy and age gracefully. Your body cannot break down protein well without co-factors. You not only could get clogged up, but you may also get leaky gut, which are holes in your intestines. This can lead to acne, allergies, arthritis and osteoporosis, even cancer and heart disease.

The list could go on, but I think you get the idea. Juicing makes you healthier and makes you feel better.

The Negatives of Juicing
1) Time. Juicing, preparing the vegetables and fruits, as well as cleaning up does take some time. Making the juice and cleaning up can take at least ten to twenty minutes each morning.

2) Extra Shopping. Most people have a tough time finding space in their refrigerator for extra vegetables and fruits. This can result in several trips to the grocery store each week.

3) Cleaning. Juicing can be messy. Each time you use your juicer, you have to wash it, whether it's a simple rinse or running it through the dishwasher. You also have some scrubbing to do, to clean the pulp from the blade.

Juicing Made Easy

In 1982, The AIM Companies was the first to use plants such as barley grass, carrots and beets, to deliver to the body concentrated nutrition. They developed the technology to juice these plants and preserve their precious nutrients. They are then made into a powder, for easy consumption.

A good example is The Garden Trio. To produce a single pound of BarleyLife, it takes 15 pounds of young barley grass. 

To make one pound of Just Carrots powder, it takes 25 pounds of juiced raw carrots. And to create one pound of RediBeets, it takes 25 pounds of beets.

Juicing is made easy with The Garden Trio. No more messy clean up. No more wasting time. No more letting your health down.

It only takes a few minutes a day to give your body the nutrition it needs, but the benefits last a lifetime.

P.S. The Garden Trio makes juicing simple - without the mess, time and energy. It's nutrition made easy and delivered conveniently to your door.

Who else wants an easy way to get their fruits and veggies?
What People Are Saying

"I started taking the Garden Trio about a year ago for a urinary tract infection, which went away in twenty minutes. It came back the next morning only very slightly, so I took more Garden Trio. That got rid of it. I take the Garden Trio every day now and have not had a urinary tract infection since." - Sharla Davison, Nampa, Idaho

"Since we have used the Garden Trio, my husband no longer has problems with asthma, which is now something completely in the past." - Ron and Mary Weber, Palmerston, Ontario

"I feel wonderful. My weight has dropped to a very comfortable size. I would not think of starting my day without the Garden Trio." - Irene Black, Ontario, Canada
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™