Study: Magnesium Linked to Healthier Arteries

Magnesium is good for your heart. Studies show it can lower heart disease risk and help with blood pressure.

According to a study in Nutrition Journal, this mineral may also improve arterial health.

Researchers tested the magnesium blood serum levels of 1,200 people, ages of 30-75, all free of symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Those with the highest magnesium levels had a 48 percent less likely chance of having hypertension, while 42 percent were less likely to have coronary artery calcification. When compared to those with the lowest amounts of magnesium in their bodies, 69 percent were less likely of having type 2 diabetes.

"The results of this study strongly suggest that lower serum magnesium levels are associated with coronary artery calcification in Mexican subjects free of clinically apparent cardiovascular disease. Confirmation of these results in other populations is required. Additional prospective studies are also needed to determine if hypomagnesaemia predicts the development and progression of coronary atherosclerosis." - Nutrition Journal

Have you had your magnesium today?
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