"I personally like that many of the AIM products are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and plant-based."

"I was first introduced to AIM in 2011 by my best friend's beau, Bill Marriott. I had heard of Bill's health business, but I had not met him in person because both of them lived so far away.

My husband and I drove thousands of miles to meet up with Bill and my best friend in Big Sky, Montana. Bill gave me several AIM products as gifts, including Cell Wellness Restorer.

I used the Cell Wellness Restorer almost immediately for relief from mosquito bites. Wow! The itching was gone.

Bill also shared his experience with the AIM products and some literature.

When I returned home, I tried BarleyLife, CalciAIM and some other AIM products, so I signed up and became a Member.

I really liked the Cell Wellness Restorer. Adding it to baths helped me recover from aches, pains and bruises.

Sometime after that, I ended up getting hospitalized. I have a genetic predisposition (MELAS syndrome). It explained why I had struggled with my health most of my life.

The condition impacts my cells, and they operate at less than half of the capacity that they're supposed to. Many of my family members are also afflicted.

This makes me prone to late onset type 1 diabetes, strokes and seizures. The hospital food wasn't very nourishing, but with sheer determination and spiritual understanding, I had an amazingly fast recovery and was discharged.

As I delved into AIM more, I learned a lot from the webinars. From what I read, I wished I could have used more AIM products from the get-go, because they may have helped me deal with many stressful situations.

It was an article in Living Well magazine that inspired me to add Renewed Balance body cream to my daily regimen. I had an "a-ha!" moment and decided to try it on my face. My eldest sister complimented me recently by saying "You look like a baby." The biological clock is slowing as, technically, I am in my late forties!

At the moment, I use a full range of AIM products: Cell Wellness Restorer, Peak Endurance, CalciAIM, AIMega, BarleyLife, fit 'n fiber and Proancynol 2000.

BarleyLife is something that I take every day.

I have a Master's Degree in sustainable agriculture and have taken ongoing classes in horticulture and environmental science. I personally like that many of the AIM products are non–GMO, gluten-free, vegan and plant-based." - Pascale Raphaelle Dennery, Sacramento, California

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