Is Added Sugar The New Smoking?

"Decades ago researchers revealed the simplest way to avoid lung cancer: Avoid Smoking.

They didn’t tell us "smoke in moderation" or "smoke smaller cigarettes" or "smoking is harmless as long as you jog more" they simply said: Avoid Smoking.

Now consider this along with researchers recently studying one hundred and seventy-five countries and discovering the simplest way to avoid diabetes: Avoid Added Sugars.

So much like lung cancer isn't avoided by "smoking in moderation" or "smoking smaller cigarettes" or "smoking on a treadmill," could it be that diabetes isn’t avoided by "eating added sugars in moderation" or "eating only one hundred calorie sugary snack packs" or attempting to cancel out added sugars with treadmill time, but simply by Avoiding Added Sugars.

In fact, when you put this together with nearly two-thirds of added sugars coming from just three sources: soda, candy, and juice…and that the companies who produce cigarettes are the same companies behind leading soda, candy, and juice brands…it’s reasonable to ask then...

Is added sugar the new smoking?" - Jonathan Bailor, researcher and author
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