GarlicAIM to Smell More Attractive

Researchers at the University of Stirling in Prague did a study, where they fed one group of men garlic bulbs, another group garlic bear paw garlic capsules and a third group received zero garlic.

Then they had women smell body odor samples from the men, rating those odors based on their pleasantness, attractiveness, masculinity, and intensity.

According to the smell test, men who ate 12 g (bulb or capsule) of garlic per day were deemed significantly more desirable than the men who did not eat garlic.

The researchers believe this is due to the health benefits (antioxidant, immune-system booster, cardiovascular, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer) bestowed by garlic.

From MedicalXpress:

"Our results indicate that garlic consumption may have positive effects on the pleasure derived from perceived body odour perhaps due to its health effects." - Craig Roberts, Professor of Psychology at the University of Stirling

It should be noted, however, this research only looked at body-odor smell and not breath-odor smell, which is still deemed undesirable by the majority. (grin)

P.S. Garlic has a long history of being a health aid for heart and blood vessels.

GarlicAIM has a unique form of garlic that makes it particularly effective. The garlic comes from Allium ursinum, a wild species of European garlic. It has strengths and staying power beyond the more domesticated forms of garlic.

What People Are Saying

"We had an ugly siege of a very contagious intestinal flu going around our area. Adults, along with children, were ending up in the hospital.

While helping take care of my 1-year-old granddaughter, who was very ill with this flu, I ended up getting it. I went through two hours of non-stop trips to the bathroom every 10 minutes with severe diarrhea. Nothing seemed to be helping slow this activity.

A friend called and told me to try Bear Paw Garlic. I took 8 to 9 capsules all at one time. The diarrhea stopped immediately. I took five more Bear Paw Garlic and I was fine. When I told my friend about this, she took 10 capsules as a precautionary measure and proceeded to deliver the product to friends and family who had been ill with the flu for days. Her friends started seeing the same positive results.

We keep Bear Paw Garlic on hand all of the time. We feel that it is a 'must have' for the defense of every family." - Sandy Combs, DeBary, Florida

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