You Can Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with AIM

Holiday weight gain starts during the Halloween season. First, the stores get an early start on selling Halloween candy.

Everyone thinks, "I'll get some candy now when it's cheaper."

And by the time Halloween rolls around, everybody has bought Halloween candy six times.

Thanksgiving through Christmas can basically be measured in pies. That's the time of year known as Pie Time, and it's a thing. 

By New Years, we're so completely off the rails that we wait until we buy a new calendar to make positive changes.

But we shouldn't wait. We should remain vigilant throughout the latter quarter of the year. Here's a list of AIM-related tips that can help you keep your waistline under control:
  • You know those pumpkin-spice drinks we're downing before work? They have about 400 calories per cup. If you're looking for a tasty pick-me-up, try Peak Endurance. For only thirty calories, you get a battery of energy-boostin' B vitamins. 
  • Having trouble controlling cravings during Pie Time or other times when desserts are plentiful? Well then, we recommend ProPeas. This vegan protein sports only sixty calories, and protein has been shown to increase satiety which can quash your cravings and leave you lean.
  • Is your poor holiday diet leaving you too sluggish to get to the gym? Then you’ll want to use RediBeets as your pre-workout. You'll get the nitric oxide boost you need to build that muscle and shed those pounds. Additionally, the dietary nitrate found in beet juice has been shown to turn white fat into easy-to-burn-off brown fat. It's a double-whammy of weight loss.
  • A diet high in unhealthy fats and low in fiber - like those we'll likely encounter during the holidays - promotes the growth of bad bacteria in the gut, and this may lead to weight gain. Balance your bacteria and undo the damage with FloraFood, a blend of three beneficial bacteria. 
  • Let's say you've managed to avoid pies and cakes and pumpkin spice lattes, but you still want something sweet. Allow me to recommend CoCoa LeafGreens. This product has only ten calories per serving and tastes like chocolate due to its unique cocoa blend. Additionally, it contains vegetable greens that contain thykaloids - a membrane-bound compartment inside chloroplasts. Thykaloids have been linked to improved satiety. Win-win. 
So to avoid holiday weight gain, look to AIM.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™